Alexander Isaikin

Vladimir, Russia

I accidentally came across Anton’s work on the Internet and decided to order the mask I had long dreamed of. I sent off several samples, wrote down my wishes, trusted the master and began to wait. Closer to the planned date, Anton notified the start of work and sent a photo of the work process. The mask turned out better than expected, I am very pleased. The best birthday gift I could ever dream of. Thanks Anton for a great job!

Rizida Masarova

Grozny, Chechnya

I ordered a mask with a custom design. The master took the work very responsibly and seriously, and was in touch until he received the order. The mask is made very beautifully, neatly, everything I wanted, considering that the design was not easy, even unusual. It is obvious that he is a professional in his field. I advise and recommend to everyone!

Ramil Husainov

Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

Everything is done at a high level! Looks even better in real life than in the photos. Thank you very much!

Yuri Pyatnov

Moscow, Russia

Job done flawlessly! The mask is authentic, worked out to the smallest detail. Thanks to master Anton for it. Domo arigato (thank you very much).

Evgeny Shishkin

Ryazan, Russia

A very attentive master, a creative person. We discussed the project, agreed on the details, made a figure of mantis jizai. Everything is at the highest level, I really liked it. Details on articulated, everything moves, painstaking and jewelry. I definitely recommend!

Nikita Logunov

Omsk, Russia

I ordered a mask, quite unusual, I was neutral, it will work out - good, if it doesn't work out - it's not so scary. When it came to work, I was pleasantly surprised by the result, even in the photo. But when the mask fell into my hands, I liked it even more. This is the case when the author tried and put his soul into the creation. By the way, the author is polite and pleasant in communication, and also attentive to details.

Andrey Yaroslavsky

Petrozavodsk, Russia

Anton is certainly an author and innovator, a professional with a very high level of diverse competencies and knowledge. He approaches the process of creating unique art treasures thoroughly and authentically, respecting the historical significance and origin of the artifact. At the same time, he understands what the customer needs and how to combine all thoughts and implement the project in a reasonable time, without loss of quality. Eclectic at its best. Shake your hand!

Natalya Vereshchak

Astrakhan, Russia

Talented, decent, understanding, kind, calm, reasonable person. This is the Creator with a capital letter. If there were more such people, the world would be completely differen.

Yury Bolshakov

Novy Urengoy, Russia

I want to leave a review about a wonderful master, I'm not afraid of this word, a metal sculptor! Anton makes unique things, works of art from steel, he can handle a project of any complexity! I made an order with him, developed a sketch together, Anton took into account all the wishes, made his creative proposals, put his soul and revived my image, giving him matter! It was a pleasant, exciting process of turning the image into reality, I'm glad that I touched art! With respect and best wishes to the master, success in creativity and new interesting works!

Vadim Kopiev

Tyumen, Russia

Anton is an amazing person - talented and kind. His works are able to decorate any interior, give color to any environment. He is not just a master, but a real artist. In addition, a pleasant and obliging young man. Very pleased with my purchase. I definitely recommend!

Ekaterina Petrova

Moscow, Russia

Everything went great! Anton works individually under the order. We chose the desired option, discussed the details and the work was completed in a very fast line! We were delighted! Quality + Anton's attention to detail = happy customers! It's nice to deal with a professional who loves his job. Recommended!

Ivan Elizavetin

Moscow, Russia

Thank you very much. Turned out great, better than expected. Samurai helmet really decorated my room!

Timofey Zavodchikov

Moscow, Russia

Man in love with his work. It is pleasant to deal with such people. I recommend it strongly.

Dmitry Ivankov

Moscow, Russia

Very professional and responsible master. I am very pleased with all the products. Quality at the highest level. I recommend to everyone.

Roman Gordeyko

Volgograd, Russia

Anton, thanks! Everything is top notch! Got what I wanted! I will contact again.

Anton Spirov

Samara, Russia

Awesome samurai mask. Greatly done. Very satisfied.

Vladimir Lavrenov

Tver, Russia

A wonderful master and educated person. Excellent quality and professionalism.

Alexey Pomazov

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

There was an idea to make a paperweight in an oriental style. Anton suggested making a tsuba. It turned out very worthy. Delicate work. The master is very professional and competent in making. Thanks.

Stanislav Solovkin

Havana, Cuba

Anton is the best artist I've worked with. Anyway, in what he does.

Andrey Potseluev

St. Petersburg, Russia

Things are good. The work is pleasant and accurate. The master is attentive to the details, specifies everything in detail. Recommend.

Sergei Popov

Samara, Russia

Satisfied of work! Everything looks gorgeous.

Ivan Pavlov

Samara, Russia

Anton is a true master of his craft. Arakh is an exact copy of Khal Drogo's Arakh. Execution on top!

Movsar Kitaev

Ulyanovsk, Russia

A very good master, he did everything on a level and with a soul. Recommend!

Gleb Egorov

Vladivostok, Russia

Excellent work. No complaints. Respect to the master.

Artem Pitsin

Samara, Russia

I am very grateful for the quality of the work. I would recommend it.

Evgenij Оchkin

Samara, Russia

The first hunting knife really wanted a special one, so that only I had one. Asked about 10 masters, and it was Anton who said "interesting, come and discuss it." We discussed the shape of the blade, handle, metal, and most importantly, Anton suggested a very unusual tree - amaranth (I wanted a non-standard color) and copper In two years, the knife has been tested and is safe to say - it is 99% of what we need.

Nikolay Chertousov

Moscow, Russia

Excellent master, I recommend! Timing, communication, professionalism category A +++

Alexander Smirnov

Yoshkar-ola, Russia

Satisfied with the execution of the order. The master is an expert in his field, he helped with the right choice. Everything is high quality and efficient. Helmet took as a gift, I'm sure you'll like it!


Moscow, Russia

I ordered a replica of a knife from Anton, I was very pleased. This is a real master! Literally, materelizoval my dream. The entire process for communication, execution details were discussed, all in accordance with the wishes. RECOMMEND !!!


St. Petersburg, Russia

I would like to separately note the author's forging and zone hardening of steel. Moreover, when making knives, it is possible to follow the process (video, photo).