Sword broken

2023 year
Materials: steel, wood, leather.
Techniques: forging, locksmithing, rusting, wood brushing.
Dimensions: 50×21 cm

The sword according to Oakeshott’s classification corresponds to type XVII. Similar swords existed in Western Europe from the 14th to the 15th century. This is the time of religious wars, in particular the crusades. The sword, as one of the most important images of the era, is remarkable for its inconsistency: being a deadly weapon, it was at the same time a symbol of the Christian faith, the cross of the Lord.
The blade, crosshair and pommel are made of steel with deep traces of natural corrosion.
The handle is made of two wooden plates covered with leather, also with deep signs of aging.
Natural wood board with deep brushing, which complements the image of the ancient sword.