Jian sword

2017 year
Materials: steel, brass, aspen, lacquer
Techniques: forging, locksmithing, hardening, polishing, casting, brazing, wood carving, patina
total length 92 cm.
blade length 77 cm.
blade width at the guard is 42 mm. blade thickness at the guard is 7 mm. the blade tapers evenly towards the point.

Jian is a straight, double-edged sword, used in various variations in China from the Western Zhou era (1046-770 BC) to the second half of the twentieth century.

For a long time used as the main type of weaponry, jian in the Tang era (VII-X centuries AD) becomes an indispensable attribute of a learned man who is equally good at wielding a brush and a blade. Since that time, the sword is also a work of art; a symbol of nobility, valor, and, despite the fact that he was ousted from the military field by another sword (Tao), officials and aristocrats fought with Jiang.

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