Gauntlet Snake

Materials: steel, silver, leather, silk.
Techniques: metalwork, embossing, engraving, rusting, etching.
Dimensions: 44x12x12 cm

Author’s gauntlet is made according to the principle of Gothic armor of Western Europe of the late Middle Ages. The style is inspired by the images of Japanese moving sculptures okimono jizai, in particular the figures of a dragon and a snake. Steel scales 1.5 mm thick, movable at the joints of the hand, fit a leather glove made of natural thick leather, hand-sewn with silk threads. Steel and leather gloves are connected by silver rings. The claws on the fingers are also made of silver. Along the circumference of the glove, closer to the elbow, there is a snake made of steel, and the eye, fangs and tongue are made of silver. The steel is aged by natural corrosion, and the silver by patina.